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            Zibo Jinlu ceramic technology co. Ltd. , locates at Boshan, city of Zibo, Shandong province. Boshan is honoured as “north capital of ceramic“.

            We are an innovative technology enterprise. The magnesium reinforced porcelain, bone china and celadon (green china) that we manufactured won a lot of prizes and awards in the exhibitions all over China.

            Meanwhile we own multiple patents and new techniques, focus on product quality and reputation all along, and stick to innovation. We have came to the front of the industry for our superior quality and outstanding design.

            Bone china, magnesium reinforced porcelain and porcelain for export are our main products which including hotel use porcelain, mugs, tableware sets for domestic and overseas and tea sets. Our sterilized tableware is competitive, which sells very well. Also, because of its elegant shape and crystal, our celadon tea sets are hot in the market.

            All staff herein welcome friends all over the world to visit. Sticking to “the Belt and Road”, let's work together for a win-win future!

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